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Fully cross-platform, vendor-agnostic, markdown based note-taking app


Work Offline

If you are in an airplane or traveling in a forest, it does not matter, your notes will be always with you. You can even edit them, delete, add, etc. All the content will be sync once connection is restored.

Auto Sync

Your notes will be periodically sync with remote location, so you can access latest versions across all of your devices.

No Vendor Lock-In

All data stored in your device and sync with remote Git repositories. Choose GitHub or any other Git provider.

Merge Conflicts Auto-Resolution

Don't be afraid to edit the same notes from different devices even when you are offline. Once connection is restored your notes will be automatically merged. If the same lines changed you will see an alternative variant in the note.

Kanban Boards

Use Kanban boards as a tool for workflow visualization, which is designed to help bring clarity to your work progress and enhance efficiency.

Use Everywhere

The application is built with love and using the latest web technologies (PWA). It means that it can work in any mobile device, desktop, or any other device with modern web browser. The app works offline and can be installed. Works and feels like native app without compromises.

Go to the Dark Side

You can choose between light and dark theme or system default to match with rest of the apps.

All Features

  • Works offline
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Periodic sync of data
  • Fully cross-platform
  • Adaptive UI
  • Seamless GitHub integration
  • Git notebooks
  • GitHub notebooks
  • iCloud Drive notebooks*
  • File System notebooks*
  • Printing notes and export to PDF
  • Kanban boards
  • Dark mode
  • Markdown preview with scroll sync
  • Move/copy notes across notebooks
  • Attach/upload image file on paste from clipboard
  • Attach/upload image file from local disk/storage
  • Convert html content to markdown on paste from clipboard
  • Editor toolbar with all necessary commands (bold, list, table, etc.)
  • Automatic merge conflicts resolution
  • Support of KaTeX for math expressionscoming
  • Support of Mermaid diagramscoming
  • Syntax highlighting for code blockscoming
  • Quick notescoming

Feature Comparison

Included FeaturesWebiOS / macOSAndroidWindows
Git Notebooks
GitHub Notebooks
Large Git/GitHub Notebooks
File System Notebooks
iCloud Drive Notebooks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Markdown is a widely popular open format with support in many applications. By choosing Markdown you can be confident if you decide to switch to a different application you can easily move all of your data without any conversion needed. Also, Markdown is incredibly easy to understand even in raw view as it's just a plain text content with human-readable syntax. Last but not least, Markdown helps you to keep all of your notes in a uniform format, with no more mismatch in font size, font face, etc. when you import data from different sources.
  • You will get a lot of things for free:
    • Unlimited version history, and information on when and who did what changes
    • Ability to share notebooks with others, you can add anyone as a collaborator or viewer to your Git repository
    • Easy self-hosting with plenty open source options, so notes will truly belong to you
    • Better merge conflict resolution compare to traditional cloud-based file storage solutions
    • Ability to create public websites/blogs from your notebooks
  • With the native application, you will get more platform-specific features like iCloud Drive support and better integration with the system. Moreover, the web version has a limitation on the size of Git/GitHub notebooks, which is not the case for the native application.

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