I started thinking about ideas behind the NotesHub project in the late Fall of 2020. At that time I switched multiple note-taking apps. I wanted the app with the robust support of Markdown because it allows me easily migrate my data if needed and strictly control formatting. From another hand, I wanted seamless cross-device sync support without a monthly subscription fee and ideally fully control my data without being strictly tight to a single particular vendor. I have not found any application that would satisfy all my requirements. The solution was obvious, create my own.

On October 30, 2020, I made the first commit, and 6 months later I pushed the final changes to finalize the MVP version of the project going from the idea to the first stable release. The project was finally available to the public.

Even though many things changed since then, the main principles remain intact. Simplicity without sacrificing functionality, rich Markdown editing, support of multiple sources for your notes (hence the name NotesHub), cross-platform support, and a one-time purchase plan.

I hope you will enjoy using NotesHub as much as I'm enjoying developing it. Let the story continue.

Alex Titarenko